Architectures of Order-Fellowship

Due to the Corona pandemic, the fellowship announcement for the annual theme “Built Order” (2021) has been postponed indefinitely.


Fellowship 2020

Call for Applications

We are no longer accepting applications for the fellowship for the 2020 Annual Theme “Architecture as Metaphor”. 

The fellowship program aims to expand the thematic scope and expertise of the resident research cluster, as well as its national and international networks. It provides two fellows per year with the opportunity to spend a research stay of 1-3 months in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Each year, one fellow will be selected and invited directly by the research group, while the other position will be openly advertised for. We accept applications from scholars at all career levels (applicants are required to hold a PhD).

The work of the fellow should demonstrate connections with the goals of the project, as well as its annual research themes, which include:

2020 – Architecture as Metaphor
2021 – Built Order
2022 – Designing Order
2023 – Order/Chaos

The annual theme for 2020, Architecture as Metaphor, is also the topic of the international conference Architecture_Metaphor, organized by the LOEWE research cluster and scheduled for 6-7 November 2020 at the Deutsches Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt am Main.

We commonly and ubiquitously use architectural metaphors in both everyday speech as well as in various professional contexts. Yet we rarely, if at all, register this connection. At the same time, metaphors also feature prominently in the fields of architecture and urbanism, where they are being used for the development of design concepts and provide useful means to communicate, discuss, and evaluate design features.

Metaphors come into being though the incongruity between a particular term and the context within which it is being deployed, which creates a space of continuous re-interpretation. Their meaning thus oscillates backs and forth in the body of knowledge from which the metaphor stems. Through transferring aspects of one field’s body of knowledge to another, metaphors disseminate and thereby consolidate social or disciplinary hierarchies, norms and protocols inscribed in the original body of knowledge.

Rather than examining metaphors from a linguistic perspective, we engage them as a lens that allows us to zoom in on and investigate the ways in which architecture as a practice of ordering interrelates with societal as well as disciplinary structures, orders and knowledge. This approach relies on the premise that, firstly, metaphors facilitate a connection between different fields, as well as different forms of knowledge, and that, secondly, they are not merely explanatory in their function but instead interfere with epistemological thought and production processes.

Applicant Requirements

In accordance with the interdisciplinary scope of the research project, we welcome applications from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds, including those but not limited to areas of expertise already represented by its resident members (architectural history and theory, art history, cultural and media studies, history, sociology, and design theory). We accept applications from scholars of all career levels, and particularly welcome interest from early career researchers (applicants are required to hold a PhD).


Fellows will be fully integrated into the research group during their stay. They are expected to take up residency in Frankfurt am Main, to actively participate in the events organized by the LOEWE project as well as by the Center for Critical Studies in Architecture (, and to present their research (work in progress) in the form of a public lecture.


We accept applications for stays of 1-3 months, contingent on the scope and requirements of the proposed research project. The exact start date and duration of fellowships will be discussed with the fellow following a successful application. Please note that the stay should align with the teaching term at Goethe University Frankfurt (winter term: October – February, summer term: April – July).

Note regarding the Corona Pandemic

We understand that the current Coronavirus situation makes any definitive planning for the coming months challenging. As it is impossible to anticipate at the moment how long the current situation will prevail, we hope that both the fellowship, as well as our conference Architecture_Metaphor, scheduled for 6-7 November 2020, can take place as planned. However, we will monitor the situation closely over the coming months and will work together with our fellows and conference speakers to develop alternative arrangements if coming to Frankfurt am Main proves unfeasible.

We furthermore made the decision to extend this year’s fellowship program with the theme of Architecture as Metaphor until March 2021 and will hence accept applications for a research stay of 1-3 months to take place any time between October 2020 and March 2021.


Fellows will receive a monthly stipend of 3,200 Euro during their stay. Stipends are meant to cover costs for accommodation, board, insurance etc. We will furthermore cover the costs of an economy class round-trip to Frankfurt am Main, Germany.


Please send you application for the annual theme 2020 “Architecture as Metaphor” including the following documents, as one PDF file by 1 July 2020. The fellowship for the 2021 annual theme “Built Order” is expected to be announced here in October 2020.

Project proposal – approximately 1000 words

The proposal should briefly introduce the research project and address how it connects to the aims of the LOEWE project and the respective annual theme. It is also supposed to demonstrate the relevance of the project, locate it within current debates, and specify your goals and plans for the fellowship.

Work schedule – approximately 500 words

Please provide a brief schedule that demonstrates how you plan to spend your time during the fellowship.


A CV of no more than 4 pages

Writing sample

This can be an article or a chapter from a more comprehensive piece of writing of at least 10 and no more than 20 pages.


Please provide contact details for two referees.


For more information, please contact:

Lena Holbein
Coordinator – LOEWE Research Cluster Architectures of Order
Phone +49(0)69-798-28705

Art History Department | 256
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt | Campus Bockenheim
Senckenberganlage 31
60325 Frankfurt am Main