Order | Disorder
Tainan Spring Project, © MVRDV
6:00 pm (c.t.)
TU Darmstadt, Department of Architecture, El-Lissitzky-Straße 1, Lecture Hall L3|01 / 91

Exception: The lecture on May 25 will take place on Campus Westend at the Goethe-University Frankfurt, Lecture Hall 8.

Lecture series

Order | Disorder

Previous investigations of the LOEWE research cluster “Architectures of Order” have shown us that spatial knowledge provides us with an understanding of our world and a capacity to order it – a capacity prominently mobilized in the field of architecture. Prerequisite to this is a constant observance of notions of disorder: from disorder to order, we make inroads into matters at hand until we feel able to grasp what is at play. We find new logics where we did not see them before, perceive new patterns in a seemingly disordered world. But in an equally great proportion of circumstances, we observe processes evolving from order to disorder. Based on this order | disorder dialectic, the question our latest annual theme aims to tackle regards the evolution of the notion of order as imminently dependent on disorder, with its changes and discontents throughout time. Within this large framework, the lectures taking place in the lecture series “order | disorder” in the summer 2023 term focus on two subject areas: reevaluation of the concept of the ruin as a testament to life cycles of design orders, and in terms of architectural practice, the dynamics of order | disorder in computational design.


HOLGER HOFFMANN (Universität Wuppertal)
Subversionen (GER)

High Orders: Structuring Architectural Possibility (EN)

ANDREW WITT (Harvard University Graduate School of Design)
Formulations: Practices of Architectural Mathematics (EN)

MARIO CARPO (University College London)
Beyond Digital: Or, Why There Won’t Be a 3rd Digital Turn Driven by AI (EN)

ADRIEN RIGOBELLO (Royal Danish Academy) & ANDREA ROSSI (University of Kassel)
Mycelium-Based Composites: from Research to Pedagogy (EN)

All lectures will be recorded and provided on the AO Vimeo Channel afterwards.