6:00 pm

Lecture series

Built Order: Spaces of Power

The lecture series "Gebaute Ordnung" (Built Order) will investigate spaces of power during the 2021 summer semester. In particular, the speakers will explore how aspects of the architectural and spatial perceptibly interlock with political and social orders. Four evening lectures will touch on the topics of architectures of integration, exclusion and annihilation, representation and legitimation, and the securing of power. ...

6:00-8:00 pm


The Architecture of European Integration

Sebastiano Fabbrini

Although the architectural discourse is often regarded as too Eurocentric and politicized, we have largely ignored the political dynamic that, more than any other, has been transforming the European archipelago over the past seventy years: the process of European integration. At the same time, the discourse on European integration has rarely engaged with architectural dynamics, limiting itself to the use of metaphors, such as the common European house. ...