Built Orders of Finance, Risk and Racial Capitalism
Division of Research and StaSsScs, Federal Home Loan Bank Board, with the co-operaSon of the Appraisal Department, Home Owners Loan CorporaSon, Detroit, Map, 1 June 1939. Robert K. Nelson, LaDale Winling, Richard Marciano, Nathan Connolly, et al., “Mapping Inequality,” American Panorama, ed. Robert K. Nelson and Edward L. Ayers, accessed December 10, 2021,.

Workshop (For members only)

Built Orders of Finance, Risk and Racial Capitalism

This workshop, Maren Koehler has been organising as part of her AO Fellowship, aims to explore the ways in which built orders can be read in economic and financial terms. It brings together a group of researchers attentive to architectural and spatial formations of built orders and their relatonship to the strategic logics of finance.

Some of the questions the workshop seeks to ask are: How are built orders shaped by processes of financialization, actuarial calculations of risk and conditions of racial capitalism? How do built orders express or manifest as specific economic regimes? What kinds of evidence can be mobilised to speak about the relationship between architecture and the built environment and finance, risk, and racial capitalism?



Associate Professor Caley Horan (MIT), historian of risk
Associate Professor Peter James Hudson (UCLA), historian of capitalism
Dr. Amy Thomas (TU Delft), architectural historian
Alexia Yates (University of Manchester), historian of economic life