Designed Orders
Kolorado Neustadt Stadtentwicklungsperspektiven für Halle-Neustadt © raumlaborberlin
6:00 pm
Goethe University Frankfurt, Westend Campus / online

Lecture Series

Designed Orders

The architectural design process aims to create new orders and at the same time is, itself, structured by its practical, technical, social, and legal frameworks. The lecture series in the 2022/2023 summer and winter semester traces this double relation. Each design imagines the future and represents an attempt to create a new spatial – and thus always social – order. This projective access to the unknown and unthought places planning conventions, construction standards, legal requirements and established architectural, urbanistic and social ideas in relation to each other rethinks them, and makes them dynamic. The lecture series asks how design structures the interaction of these different and heterogeneous factors and what roles the conditions, norms, and tools of design play. While the series of lectures in the summer semester explores the question of how order comes about in the design process, the second half of the year examines the interrelationship between design processes and their specific design objects.

The lecture series will take place in the summer semester in hybrid mode (in person and via Zoom) on the Westend campus of Goethe University Frankfurt on the following dates:

CLAUDIA MAREIS (Humboldt-Universität Berlin)
»Combinatorial Creativity: Designing and Inventing Between Order and Contingency«

LIONEL DEVLIEGER (Ghent University, RotorDC)
»Assembling Fragments: Designing with Salvaged Building Components«

NATHALIE BREDELLA (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie) mit NICK FÖRSTER (Technische Universität München) und BENJAMIN BEIL (Universität Köln)
»Tools of Play: Planungsstrategien der Metastadt«

HAUKE HORN (Universität Mainz)
»Eine Frage des Geldes? Immobilienwirtschaft und Kommunalpolitik als ordnende Kräfte bei Planung und Bau von Bankhochhäusern in Frankfurt a. M.«

Event location: Casino on the Westend Campus, room 1.811.
Exception: The lecture on 07.07. will take place in the FNO building, room EG.01.
Information on how to register on Zoom will follow.

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