Exploring the effects of architecture
György Kepes – The New Landscape in Art (1956). X-ray Diffraction Pattern of Beryl.

Workshop (For members only)

Exploring the effects of architecture

How does architecture actually work? Today, the relationships between architectural and non-architectural orders are predominantly explored with a focus on the structuring forces and ideas that influence and shape building plans and implementations. This workshop, however, would like to take a look at the opposite perspective and devote itself to the ordering power of built architecture and urban planning in its manifold dimensions of effect.

The workshop examines
1.) theories on the impact of built space (architecture and urban planning);
2.) methods with which these effects and fields of effect can be researched; and
3.) how the limits of the effects of built architecture are also debated.

The workshop is organized by Nina Gribat, Leonie Plänkers and Sina Brückner-Amin and will be attended by international scholars. It is open to AO members only.