Film “Prospettiva Olivetti”

The documentary film “Prospettiva Olivetti” is one of two films that have been produced as part of the project “Olivetti: Cronache da un’industria gentile”. The documentary film project was initiated because of the desire to explore the Italian company following the death of Adriano Olivetti in 1960, paying particular attention to communication, industrial design and architecture. After two years of intensive research, both in Italy and abroad, both films will be shown at the Milano Design Film Festival in early November. “Prospettiva Olivetti” was created in collaboration with LOEWE member Pietro Cesari (Production Manager) and was supported by the program.

The film was shown on November 7th, 2020 at the Milano Design Film Festival.



Film “Prospettiva Olivetti”
Film "Prospettiva Olivetti"