Chris Dähne

Chris Dähne

Postdoctoral Researcher

Chris Dähne studied architecture at the Delft University of Technology and interior design at the Hochschule Darmstadt. She received her PhD from the Institute of History of Art, Architecture and Urbanism (IHAAU) at TU Delft with a thesis on the urban symphonies of the 1920s (scholarships from Bauhaus University Weimar and TU Delft). She has been a visiting scholar at Waseda University Tokyo, a guest lecturer at TU Delft, and has taught at various other universities. In her teaching and research, she also draws on her knowledge with artistic and unconventional approaches from her work as a practicing architect. This enables her to think of architecture beyond the disciplinary boundaries of architectural history, media history, and the history of technology. She is currently researching data-based architecture, protodigital and digital technologies, and media in the LOEWE focus “Architectures of Order” at Goethe University Frankfurt a. M., and in the DFG project BAUdigital at TU Darmstadt. With her work, she wants to critically reflect technologically inspired cultural transformations of space and make them productive for architectural discourse.

Recent works and activities: “The ‘Analog Images’ of Digital Architecture” (2019/ 2021, essay in: Cloud Cuckoo Home|Cloud Cuckoo Land, Journal on the Theory of Architecture, No. 40 “Medial Practices of Architectural Design”); “Utopia Computer. The ‘New’ in Architecture?” (2019, International Conference together with Nathalie Bredella and Frederike Lausch at UdK Berlin) and publication of the same name (2022); “Data Visualization” (LOEWE AO-Talks together with Nadja Gaudillière-Jami 2021-22); “Biased Drawing. ‘Representation bias’ in spatial orders from the 1950s to the 1980s” (LOEWE AO-Workshop Stiftung Bibliothek Werner Oechslin in Einsiedeln, Switzerland 2022).

Axonometries: Figurations of the Digital in Architecture

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