Built Order: Storing Knowledge
Paul Otlet, Cellula Mundaneum, planche de l’Encyclopedia Universalis Mundaneum (1936) © Collection Mundaneum, Mons
6 pm - 8 pm

Lecture Series

Built Order: Storing Knowledge

The architecture of the space around us has a considerable influence on our everyday lives. The starting point for the thematic orientation of the lecture series “Built Order: Storing Knowledge”, taking place during the 2021/22 winter semester, is the observation that architecture configures knowledge spatially and thus plays a significant role in the modulation, enforcement, canonization and institutionalization of epistemic models. Archives, libraries, museums and universities can be understood as materialized orders of knowledge, and the knowledge that is collected, selected, ordered, indexed and mediated in these places is framed spatially. This project will investigate the extent to which concrete architectural framing has an effect on organizational or knowledge structures.

This range of topics will be explored in four evening lectures in the 2021/22 winter semester that will focus on real, theoretical, and utopian orders of knowledge and their architectural configuration.

TH 18.11.2021
»Reformatting the Memory Palace: When Everything Exists to End in a Document«

WE 01.12.2021
»Reading Place«

TH 13.01.2022
»Built Worlds and Systems of Knowledge: Architectures of the World Exhibitions in the 19th Century«

TH 27.01.2022
»Architectures of objects, knowledge constellations: The museal realm of art and natural history curio cabinets in theory and practice«


This event is part of the annual theme 2021 and follows the lecture series “Built Order: Spaces of Power” from the summer semester 2021. Recordings of the lectures by Sebastiano Fabbrini, Annika Wienert, Brigitte Sölch and Randolph Head are available here.

Download the digital flyer for the lecture series.