Pietro Cesari

Pietro Cesari studied architecture at the KU Leuven (Belgium) and the DA of Ferrara (Italy), where he graduated in 2014. As architect, he deals with architecture and urban design, research, and dissemination activities. His research interests include corporate architecture of the 20th century, corporate influence in urban governance dynamics, strategies of urban regeneration, and architectural […]


2023 Szilvia Gellai: Glass Scenographies. Notes on Spaces of One’s Own (2. Band der AO-Publikationsreihe innerhalb der CCSA Topics), herausgegeben vom CCSA, Weimar 2023. Chris Dähne, Nathalie Bredella, Frederike Lausch: Utopia Computer. The “New” in Architecture? (Reihe: Forum Architekturwissenschaft; 6), herausgegeben vom Netzwerk Architektur Wissenschaft, Berlin 2023. Sarah Borree, Stephanie Knuth, Moritz Röger: Metaphorical Practices […]

Exploring the Effects of Architecture

Three speakers and a moderated discussion will address the question “How does architecture actually work?“.  HANNAH LE ROUX (University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg), KENNY CUPERS (University of Basel) and Daniel M. Abramson, Pamela Karimi, Laila Seewang and Meredith TenHoor for the AGGREGATE ARCHITECTURAL HISTORY COLLABORATIVE will present their perspectives on the ordering power of built architecture. The evening thus invites us to adopt a point of view in which architectural practitioners fade out and architectural users fade in.

Film “Prospettiva Olivetti”

The documentary film “Prospettiva Olivetti” is one of two films that have been produced as part of the project “Olivetti: Cronache da un’industria gentile”. The documentary film project was initiated because of the desire to explore the Italian company following the death of Adriano Olivetti in 1960, paying particular attention to communication, industrial design and architecture. […]


Hans Aurenhammer Sarah Borree Sina Brückner-Amin Pietro Cesari Christina Clausen Cecilia Cristellon Daniel Damler Chris Dähne Birgit Emich Peggy Feige Nadja Gaudillière Sebastian Glunz Nina Gribat Daniela Grotz Sara Hillnhütter Rembert Hüser Stephanie Knuth Tanja Paulitz Leonie Plänkers Moritz Röger Carsten Ruhl Christiane Salge Oliver Tessmann Susanna Thelen Linda Walther Barbara Wittmann Coordinator Dr. des. […]


The relationship between architecture and order with regards to institutions, knowledge, media, and subject formation is investigated through four modes of order, which simultaneously form the four project areas of this research focus. Section A – Order as Control Order as control focuses on social-institutional, political and economic order in its intertwining with the actions […]