Mapping the Global Moravian Network: Progress, Method, Methodology
Detail: Algemeene Kaart van de Colonie of Provintie van Suriname, c.1760, Moravian Archives Bethlehem, f.051.2.


Mapping the Global Moravian Network: Progress, Method, Methodology

Jasper Ludewig

This lecture explores the place of architectural production within the elaborate corporate geography of the modern Moravian movement—a renewed pre-Reformation Protestant group established in eighteenth-century Saxony. The global Moravian network spanned to every continent except Antarctica and was developed over a period of more than two centuries. In addition to presenting the digital database and website produced during Jasper Ludewig’s tenure as a Fellow in the Architectures of Order LOEWE research cluster, this lecture will also ask how architecture facilitated the Moravians’ corporate governance as a transterritorial, extra-state organisation that operated alongside secular empire.

Mit dem Vortrag beendet Jasper Ludewig sein Fellowship im LOEWE Schwerpunkt „Architekturen des Ordnens“. Er war im Sommersemester 2021 als Fellow zu Gast.

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